1520509785 Are Asian Mail Order Brides the Best Wives?

Time flies, and now we can order things online without the need to leave our flat and even stand up from the sofa. Moreover, now the various sources offer the most unexpected service, and you can even find your other half on the Internet.

A digital romance is possible, love can truly wait for you online, on the dating websites. There have already been millions of proofs for that, and you can easily find a lot of successful love stories to kill the doubts.

The popular practice of mail order bride , or buying the bride online as it is sometimes called, burns the hope of many men to find their perfect lady from abroad.


But Do You Really Buy A Wife?

The first thing to clarify is — no, you're not. It is the 21st century, come on, we don't just buy people! Mail order bride means that you pay for the services dating sites provide. It usually helps to establish the contact between you and a woman you like, and in general, it makes it possible for you to date someone from another continent.

Asian dating venues take a big part of this market, because the male interest for Eastern beauties is big, and it is still growing rapidly. There is something special about those girls and women from Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines, because they can charm and enchant nearly anybody.

If you are among those who appreciate girls from Asia if you are not afraid of a long-distance relationship, and if you are ready to try and get yourself an Asian wife, let's go on and reveal the secrets of their attractiveness!


The Myths We Know About Asian Singles

None of the nations have avoided the honor of being stereotyped. Here we can see that the same features are attributed to many countries at once, uniting them with some ridiculous negative stereotypes and mispresenting their citizens. Asian women have also got under this myth attack, and we will go through the most well-known to bust them.

  • Myth #1. Asian singles don't know the language. It is a common thought that women from Eastern countries know only their mother tongue and have to skills in any other languages. As you understand, it is quite an outrageous opinion, because the majority of Asian ladies, on the contrary, are very educated and smart, and know more than two languages at least. Maybe this disturbing stereotype was born because of the existence of translating services into the dating apps. Whatever it was, the reason didn't manage to excuse this fact. If you ever dare to talk to an average Chinese or Japanese woman (just as an example), you will see that her level of English is quite satisfactory. And, surprisingly, even if it appears to be bad, she is very likely to go on trying to speak it! Not simply give up and repeating: «Sorry, I don't understand», but making the attempts to talk to you in your language, despite all mistakes.
  • Myth #2. A girl from Asia lives in poverty. If you compare the average income in some Asian city to the big American salary, maybe, you will see a big difference and therefore decide that all citizens there are poor and save their last money. However, in fact, it isn't so. The thing is that the pricing is what you don't usually pay your attention to — although you should have! The truth is simple: even for the small salary, it is possible to live there and be fine. Moreover, Asian women tend to support their parents financially as long as they can, so the money they get divides at least in two. It is not the level of life you imagined it was, but still, the conditions of life there are quite okay to hold on.
  • Myth #3. Any Asian woman is submissive and obeying. If you are looking for a servant and came to Asian dating site with this purpose, you are in the wrong place. For many years up to now these ladies have been working and protecting their interests. The ancient traditions of their country don't define their behavior anymore. Besides, you should look at each woman as at a unique personality and find what is special about her, and not common.
  • Myth #4. All she wants from you is either visa or money. An image of a deceitful and insidious woman who has come to the Internet to steal your everything is not that groundless. Such characters do happen in your life, but if you percept everyone you meet as a potential threat to your wallet, you can leave your dreams of making friends and finding love forever. Obviously, these bad intentions have nothing to do with the place one was born, so remember to be objective and open-minded when starting any new acquaintances.


If you have decided to search for your future spouse online, you have to count on the risks that it holds. But real life is no safer than this, and the scam can happen anywhere anytime. Try to reduce your skepticism and give yourself a chance to think clearly. Judge a person by his or her personality and not by some thoughts produced by you don't even know who. Turn on common sense; it is the best safety tool that you have.

What Makes Them Become Mail Order Brides

When you look through the female profiles on some dating sites, you see that there is a big number of them and you may come up with this question: what actually makes so many women become mail order brides? What is so attractive in a perspective of showing yourself on the internet and chatting with foreign men? But before we answer this, ask yourself another question: what made YOU come to this site to look for a foreign wife?

Asian ladies have absolutely regular motives and are alike with you in their goals: they are looking for a person to spend their life with. Cross-cultural marriages are not surprising these days. On the opposite, this practice turns to be more and more popular, gaining the followers every day.

As people started to think globally, they don't limit their interests by the country border. A chance to see the world through someone's eyes is intriguing and attractive, and you can't resist the temptation.

A romantic belief that there can be someone special for you at another end of the world whips to look for the destiny overseas, and it is very often a great life-lasting adventure.

According to the statistics, international marriages last longer than regular ones, and these people get divorced rarer than those who come from the same country. It is explained by the fact that a man and a woman cross-cultural couple always has something to teach each other, and they are never bored together.

Asian women, just as well as many other women all over the world, want to take their chance and find their happiness.


Why Asian Bride Is What You Want

Although each of the brides is different and special, luckily, there are some common things that Asian girls usually share. Read this list to make sure that you won't be disappointed if you take an Asian spouse!

Beautiful. Yes, Asian brides are known and appreciated in the whole world for their unusual tender beauty. We can't say what exactly makes them so charming, but one thing is certain: once you fall for an Asian lady you can never forget her.

Feminine. Western Europe and America can't boast with such a big amount of truly feminine women. The fashion (or rather demand) for strong females has conquered the world, while in the East it is still considered cool to show that you are soft, thin and need a strong shoulder to lean on. A woman who follows this trend for femininity usually gets a really powerful man who is there to be her knight.

Perfectionist. Maybe it is something coming from their upbringing, but it is a thing wide-spread in many Asian families. Their children are taught to try to do things perfectly. This desire of all best things is a good trait of character as it makes the person ambitious and makes them raise the quality of life so that you won't be bored with your wife.

Practical. Common sense is very well-developed in Asian people, and ladies do it better when it comes to many everyday things. The most useful, comfortable and practical decisions spring into their mind, and you will be pretty much surprised by the way they think. A little advice from them can make you look at the things in an unusual way.

Family oriented. Parents are the most important people in the life of an Asian girl, and when the time comes to create their own families, they take it very seriously. Family matters a lot for her, so she will dedicate her everything to it and will do it with all her heart. An Asian lady will be ready to sacrifice her career, if it is needed, in the name of the family, because for her there is nothing more important that the well-doing of her close ones.


Intelligent. We have already discussed an unfair stereotype about Asian ladies' undereducation. The truth is different: they are very smart and tend to have more than one degree. It is a popular practice for ladies from China and Korea to go abroad for studying and constantly upgrade their knowledge. If you take an Asian woman as a wife, it is almost a 100% guarantee that you will always have an intelligent opponent by your side, and the conversations with her will be interesting and satisfying.

Cares about her appearance. As for many other women around the globe, for Asian ladies, it is vital to look good. You probably know about this phenomenon of looking younger than their real age, when you can take a 45-year-old Asian mother of two grown-up children for a young student. That is the thing, and Asian women do everything to save their youth and beauty. This feature causes extreme interest in men, and Western women die to know their beauty secret.

Respects traditions. Asian women are usually very keen on customs that they have back at home, so it is a very interesting thing she can implement into your routine. Moreover, here also comes the respect for gender roles, so you are unlikely to have an Asian wife who will be your competitor and try to take the place of the head of the family.

Where Can I Find an Asian Mail Order Bride?

So if you have read all this and confirmed your wish to get yourself an Asian wife, you have to know the good place to find her. A dating site has to be checked, reliable and meet your demands. As the research may take some time, we have done it for you and present you a short review of the best Asian dating platforms.

Asia charm



A top one source for finding your perfect match. As a site with the great reputation and the best ratings, Asia Charm provides the highest-quality service and may pleasantly surprise you with the variety of things you can do and order on this site. The database is wide, and it gets new members constantly, so it is not a big deal to find someone you will like. A scam is not an option; the anti-fraud system works perfectly.




The platform for those who want to find their Asian lady, it gathers a lot of filled in profiles presenting you girls and women in search of a spouse. The matching algorithm of the site eases your search providing you with the list of like-minded singles selected by the information you give about yourself. The wide variety of available services makes your communication diverse, interesting and effective. RomanceTale has over 180 thousands, monthly visitors.




Mainly based on the women from China, this site makes your dream of a perfect Asian wife come true. As the source which has been working for more than twenty years now, ChnLove is totally trustworthy and has recommended itself as a successful and effective dating site. It is a part of the Qpid networks, which gives it extra points as a well-developed and high-quality venue. The risk of a scam is minimal, and the chance to find your love is maximal.

Asian Date



Another popular website for those who have always dreamed of dating an Eastern beauty. This site is a perfect tool to establish the overcontinental dialogue and build a bridge from one end of the world to another. Asian Date Offers different kinds of membership depending on your intentions and demands. If you are eager to talk to Asian beauties and find your future wife via this site, purchasing a Premium membership would be a good idea.

Thai Cupid


As you can guess from the name, this site is more niche than the others of this kind as it is mainly focused on the girls who come from Thailand. However, it is a part of the CupidMedia, and all of its sites share the same database, which means that even here you will be able to switch to the girls of other nationalities just in case. Simple interface, ease of use, various services and a really big potential — what else do you need to start looking for your future spouse?

Japan Cupid


The database of more than 700 000 members truly impresses, because such a huge number means that your chances to find a soulmate there are damn high. Register fast, fill in the info about yourself and search for the match. To establish the contact use instant messages and video calls. Worried that there might be a misunderstanding because of the language barrier? Forget it; the automatic translation service will deal with it while you speak the language of love.

Cherry Blossoms


It is the oldest known dating website, which must tell you something about its reputation. If the venue still exists, make the conclusions: the ratings of Cherry Blossoms are incredibly high! Here the support of the members has gone far as never: you won't only be helped with chatting, video calling or sending gifts to your lady. The site also assists you in face-to-face dates and even helps you with immigration issues, if needed.

Filipino Cupid


The virtual community of Filipino Cupid consists of more than 3.5 million members. Imagine how many ladies there are looking for their future husband! Women from the Philippines are thought to be the most beautiful of the Asian ladies, so no wonder you may discover a desire to search for your wife there in particular. Great anti-scam policy and reasonable pricing make it a good place to start your digital romance.

Vietnam Cupid


No one can resist the special and exotic beauty of Vietnamese girls. Vietnam Cupid offers you an opportunity to test your fate and try to find your future online. The venue is trustworthy; it provides good service. If you get confused with anything on the website or need some help, you are welcome to contact the support team who are in touch all day and all night.

China Love Cupid


This site is a little special and differs from the range of others. Surprisingly , here you won't find women who live in China. The female clients of the platform are originally Chinese but now live in different parts of the world. The acquaintances promise to be interesting, so don't miss the chance to chat and meet with beautiful Asian girls.

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