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10 Most Beautiful Russian Ladies

Latest update: Jul 04, 2019 8651

Everyone knows that Russian women are among the most beautiful on earth! They are slim and curvaceous, they have cute faces and beautiful fair hair. Just look at these 10 most beautiful and stunning Russian celebrities and you will get to know why thousands of foreign men look for wives in Russia!

1. Tatiana Kotova


Tatiana is a famous Russian singer, who gained her popularity while performing in a girls-band VIA Gra. Look at her facial features! She looks just like a true lady! This blonde has conquered the hearts of many men. Indeed, who wouldn’t dream of such a queen?

2. Anna Semenovich


This bombshell is another Russian singer. Anna is known not only for her beautiful eyes but mesmerizing curves as well. By the way, many Russian girls are like this. If you check out the most popular Russian dating sites, you will be surprised!

3. Nyusha


This lady is perhaps the cutest one among Russian female singers. Born as Anna Shurochkina, Nyusha’s become popular thanks to her adorable voice and face.

4. Alsou


Alsou is a synonym to the word «tenderness». This Russian singer has glowing green eyes and dark hair. Would you like to date a girl like Alsou? Look for one on Russian dating websites.

5. Anfisa Chekhova


This is a Russian TV-presenter (she had her own show about sex) and socialite. Beautiful mane and curves are what she’s famous for.

6. Sati Kazanova


Sati Kazanova is always listed among the sexiest women from Russia, and it’s not surprising — just look at how hot she is!

7. Lera Kudryavtseva


This is the Russian Kim Kardashian in terms of the face. Among Russian presenters, you will hardly find someone who looks more stunning than Lera Kudryavtseva.

8. Polina Gagarina


If you wondered what the most angelic Russian singer looks like, we suggest you check out Polina Gagarina. This lady is pretty in all senses — from the hair to toes!

9. Liza Boyarskaya


The daughter of the Russian cinema-veteran, actress Liza Boyarskaya never needed to be related to her famous father to succeed. She undoubtedly has achieved a lot thanks to her natural beauty.

10. Kristina Asmus


Another famous Russian actress who always tops the lists of the sexiest Russian women. Kristina is known for her blonde hair, blue eyes and, not surprisingly, curves. Moreover, she has been named the most beautiful Russian woman multiple times by various media!

Do you want to meet Russian single ladies, who look just like superstars? You need to check out the most popular Russian dating sites as well as Russian mail-order bride sites! Who knows, maybe your one and only girl is waiting for you there!


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