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Here Are Top Rules If You Want To Date A Venezuelan Girl

Latest update: Jan 09, 2019 11772

Feeling yourself ready for a hot, passionate, sext Venezuelan woman to date? These girls are exclusively beautiful, kind, loving and jealous as hell. Nevertheless, they are wanted by men all over the world and are said to be one of the most beautiful ladies.

Here are some tips that will help you establish strong relationships with a Venezuelan darling and conquer her heart.

Be fun

Venezuelan girls love entertainment. They spend a lot of time with their friends, going to clubs, bars, and parties. Entertainment has a special place in their heart, so if you want to date a Venezuelan woman you should come up with hundreds of ideas of what you will do.

Offer her to go to the concert, cinema, theatre, clubs, festivals – whatever is going on in the city. And be ready that she may bring her friends with her.

For Venezuelan the more people are around, the better. They know how to have fun and live life. Get ready for it.

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Praise her

If a girl likes you, she expects maximum attention from you. Compliments are the keys to their hearts here. Yes, a Venezuelan woman knows she is hot and wanted, but she wants to hear it from you. A dozen times. A day.


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Don’t hurry

Venezuela is a Catholic country and therefore it leads to some traditions, which shouldn’t be broken. Firstly, don’t hurry into the girl’s bedroom. When the time comes, you will feel it and have her. But as a Catholics, the girl usually live with their parents till marriage, which also influences the lack of privacy in private life. At last, it’s not widely practiced to use contraception. It leads to young pregnancies and marriages at an early age.

Don’t be late

A Venezuelan woman can be late, but you – never. They hate waiting even though it’s them who usually cause the waiting at all. Nonetheless, if you are dating a Venezuelan beauty, be there on time.

In turn, you can get a message from her saying that she is on her way, meaning, that she is taking a shower. There is no reason to get mad at it – it’s just the way people are. They may lack some punctuality, but they have lots of love and passion. What do you choose?

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Learn cultural features

Speak some Spanish words and learn to dance. That way the girl will definitely see that you have serious intentions. Understand the way people live, their cultural background and open your heart to it. The only way to date a Venezuelan beauty is to embrace her traditions and customs.


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