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How a Romance Tour Can Help You Meet Russian Woman

Latest update: Nov 14, 2018 5925

Online dating is one of the best ways to find a compatible wife, lots of mail-order bride services will tell you. And that is partially true.

What is the first thing that you notice when looking at a woman? Right, her appearance. Search engines of different dating sites can help you find an ideal match for you based not only on her beauty but also on her inner world. You can interact with the lady as much as you want until you understand whether she is your soulmate or not.

However, traveling to her homeland alone can be pretty risky. How many stories have you heard of Russian women letting their foreign admirers down when they come to their cities? That’s it.

So when you are not sure whether the Russian girl you like will pop up at the private with you, you can rely on a romance tour.

What is a romance tour?

Romance tour is an organized trip during which a man meets several or one woman that he wants to get married. They have become very popular on the territory of Russia as well as other post-USSR countries, where ladies dream of marrying foreigners.

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Which Kind of Romance Tours are There?

Different agencies and teams of online dating sites offer drastically different options. However, they usually distinguish group and individual tours. If you want to meet a group of ladies at a time, for example, at a party organized by the company which runs the mail-order bride site or by its counterpart, you should go for a group tour.

But note, that lots of girls in Russia don’t like going to a meeting with a man in a group of other ladies – they feel as if they are sort of “cheap.” And at the same time group romance tours can be better than individual ones because there’s a lower possibility of a scam. So before you jump to any conclusions, make sure you weigh all pros and cons of the offer that the mail-order bride site provides you with.

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Why Romance Tours to Russia Work?

Once again, romance tours first began in Russia and post-USSR countries, where women consider men from the Western world much more polite, well-educated, caring and ambitious.

Not all Russian women can afford to go abroad to find a compatible fiancé among foreigners. Firstly, due to the lack of finances. Secondly, it can be dangerous. And when they go for online dating, they can expect some protection from the dating agency.

Romance tours can be beneficial for both sides: men get some guarantees; the whole process is organized so they won’t be bothered by the reservation of a hotel, finding a restaurant or buying flowers, whereas women can look for a compatible person in safe conditions.

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Personal Issues

But most importantly, romance tours work because they give both sides to see each other in real life and better know each other – learn the body language, hear the real voice and so on.

Unfortunately, even with the development of technologies (lots of dating sites offer Skype-like calls, etc.) cannot substitute the real date, especially when Russian women have a particular culture of communication and when the language barrier weighs in.


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