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How Much Does a Russian Mail-Order Bride Cost?

Latest update: Feb 10, 2020 21954

If you are here, it means you have already thought of the benefits of dating a Russian woman and marrying her. You might have also thought about Russian mail order bride pricing. We'll tell you that, yes, it costs a lot of efforts, time and money, but it is much cheaper than traditional dating with going to restaurants, cinemas, amusement parks, and so on.

You can save your money by dating a Russian woman online

Sure, you can travel to Russia (a round trip from New York to Moscow will cost you from around 600 USD to 4,000 USD) but there still will be no guarantee you will find the right woman to marry.

Looking for a Russian mail-order bride online is much safer and more beneficial in terms of your finances.

Here is the list of things that you will have to budget to make up your mail order bride cost.

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1. The subscription to a high-quality mail-order bride site plus credits.

There are lots of free Russian dating sites, but registering on them is risky. They do not ensure your safety and might have fake accounts of Russian girls there. Thus, you might become a victim of a scam or your personal information may leak.

Better go for high-quality middle-priced sites with a bunch of communication features which verify identities of Russian girls before registration. On average, a monthly subscription to such sites costs around 10-20 USD per month.

A subscription means you get access to certain services – from chatting to video calling and gifts delivery. However, be careful not to subscribe to very expensive sites which offer premium accounts. They usually contain services which you won't use ever; hence, you will merely waste your money.

Note that such sites, on top of monthly subscriptions, also use the credit system. Credits are sites’ virtual money you can purchase with actual money and then use for buying certain services. For example, you can buy 20 credits for only 3-15 USD. These credits you can use for a variety of services like:

  • 1 instant message will cost you 2 credits
  • 1 virtual gift = 2 credits

Some top-notch sites have different pricing. For instance:

  • 100 Credit Pack for 399.00 USD (3.99 USD per credit)
  • 60 Credit Pack for 299.00 USD (5.00 USD per credit)
  • 3 Credit Pack for 21.00 USD (7.00 USD per credit)

Talking to a girl regularly for one month, you may spend from 300 USD to 800 USD.

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2. Sending her flowers and gifts

This is a must for wooing a Russian girl. Russian mail-order bride sites usually offer such delivery services and they collaborate with Russian local delivery, so use that to conquer the heart of a Russian ice-maid. The prices for this option typically start from 35 USD for a bouquet.


3. Going on an offline date

At a later stage of your relationship, it's time you see your Russian mail-order bride in life. Inquire whether your dating site arranges dates or romance tours and set off! But it is definitely a must to put on your Russian bride cost list.

If not, you can always organize a trip on your own, but keep in mind that such options need to be included in the price:

  • visa expenses
  • tickets
  • insurance
  • hotels
  • restaurants and leisure time with a Russian bride
  • In total, you may end up spending thousands of dollars and a lot of your efforts, so why not to rely on professionals?

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    4. Bringing a Russian mail-order bride to your country

    Well, the expenses here depend on where you are coming from and whether you want to have a fancy wedding, but you better budget a few thousand for her visa expenses, a flight and red tape expenses.

    Overall, if you date a Russian mail-order bride for half a year, you may spend from 1,800 USD to 5,000 USD depending on what exactly you do. But whatever the spending is, it is worth it – a Russian girl will never let you down as a wife!


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