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How to Date Women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Latest update: Nov 14, 2018 5968

Rio has an extraordinary reputation for its sexiness and seductive aura. There are few if any cities on Earth that can match the vibes you will get when staying in Rio de Janeiro. While some cities may come close, like Paris or Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro manages to stay on top all year round, and for this, it deserves the name of the sexiest city in the world.

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The women of Rio

The women of Brazil are what makes Rio de Janeiro such a popular destination for tourists. Most of them fit the stereotypical sexy Latin image that you may have - light brown skin, curvy bodies with big butts, dark eyes and dark hair. Luckily for most men, this is the case for around 75% of the women you will encounter there. This image originates from the original settlers from Portugal that came in the 1500's, as well as the native Americans and slaves from Africa. These three genetic combinations give the Brazilian women a sexy look they have these days.

All of the various migrations into Brazil that took place all over the world led to the fact that the women of Rio de Janeiro are mixtures of various races and cultures, hybrids of a sort. This means that in a sense, they are like the universal race of Earth. Regardless of this, most of them share the similar interests, which are fitness and keeping a sexy, toned body, fashion, and bragging to others about the man in their life. This seems to be a hobby for a lot of the women there. Perhaps because there aren't that many masculine men that are gentlemen in Brazil. This means that should a girl be dating a man that is a foreigner, all of her friends will know about it and listen about how he is smarter, funnier, and better than all other men. So if that is you, just live with it.


Where to concentrate

It is safe to divide the women of Brazil into three major categories. The first is the women living in the Favela's, the slums of Rio de Janeiro, where the women are poor and have low standards. This group makes up for around 75% of the population. When it comes to dating these women, they are easy to seduce, since they will jump at the opportunity to date a foreign man. Keep in mind, however, that these are not the most visually appealing women though. Lack of proper dieting, gym memberships, and a limited wardrobe do not make for a pretty combination.

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The middle-class girls are the sweet spot. They will be ecstatic to date a foreigner and are very receptive to being approached and seduced. They are capable of looking after themselves but will be flattered to have someone take care of them. It is common for many Brazilian women you meet on mail-order bride sites to come from the middle class. Lastly, the upper class of Brazilian women is found in the neighborhoods of Leblon and Barra de Tijuca. You will find some trouble with these women, as they have high standards and are often harder to pick up than most western women. The fact that you are a foreigner does not mean much to them. You will have to impress them with something else.

A good way to start a conversation is to approach women on the street and ask for directions to somewhere you can grab a nice drink. Escalate from there and move towards closing a phone number. As with any country, be confident and relaxed, and the woman will reciprocate. The women of Rio are not afraid of being promiscuous and are open about it. They have a high sexual drive, and they are open to sharing it with you, should you prove to be worthy and cool about it. Take them out, show them a good time, and do not be afraid to physically escalate over the course of the date. Obviously, do make sure she is ok with it and not pulling away from you. Follow these simple guidelines, and you will find success in the sexiest city in the world.


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