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How To Surprise Your Russian Date On The Valentine’s Day

Latest update: Feb 07, 2019 7406

Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most romantic holidays of the year. It is celebrated all around the world. If you have a foreign bride, it is a good idea to surprise her and be her Valentine!

If you are dating a Russian girl, then it is a must to present her with something on this day. In Russia, people do care about Valentine’s Day. So, you better not ignore it. Show your bride a good time and bring her some joy across the distance!

Here is a list of the best ideas on how to surprise a Russian mail-order bride in a romantic way.

Tip 1. Come to visit

If you are still fighting the distance and live in different parts of the world, it will be a great surprise indeed when your lady sees you live! Come to her place and make it your gift for Valentine’s Day. You can spend some quality time together. Walking and visiting cafes, having romantic dates and just enjoying each other’s company - that sounds like a perfect script for a Valentine’s Day.

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Tip 2. Send a simple gift

Flowers, and sweets, and soft toys are something that will never get old-fashioned. It is a gesture that expresses your attention and affection, so why not use it to remind about your love? Most Russian singles appreciate these things and like to receive gifts from men. Hence, they will be beyond pleased if you do the same on Valentine’s Day. It’s classic, it’s simple, yet - very nice and appealing.


Tip 3. Know what she dreams about

Every girl has a dream, and Russian brides are not an exception. Try to be attentive while your communication and remember what your woman wants. Maybe she mentioned some beautiful dress that she desires? Or is it a beautiful accessory that she misses? Look carefully through your texting, perhaps there is a hint on what your Russian mail-order bride would appreciate as a gift. Such a surprise will be twice as pleasant as it will show how important she is to you.

Tip 4. Present jewellery

Probably there is no woman in the world who would think that jewelry is a bad present. You can send your Russian love a beautiful bracelet or a pretty pair of earrings - that will be a 10/10 guess. Think about the style she will like, ask for a consultation at the jewelry store. Qualified shop assistants can help you pick the right item. Such a gift will always remind your lady of you. What could be better (and more romantic) on Valentine’s Day?

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Tip 5. Organize a romantic trip

This can be a great adventure for both of you. And just imagine the joy of your Russian girl that will receive a message like: “See you in Paris” - and an airplane ticket in the envelope. A trip always brings tons of new impressions and memories. That is the best thing to give to the loved ones, so don’t underestimate the importance of such big deals. Sure, it will cost you more than flowers delivery, but it will be much more memorable and precious.


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