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5 Must-Dos While Dating a Russian Bride

Latest update: Apr 16, 2019 6712

Russian people have a peculiar mentality — it’s challenging to understand the Russian soul. If you are dating a Russian bride and you want to impress her without getting misunderstood or even embarrassed, these are five things that you must do.

1. Always stay in touch with your Russian bride

Russian women depend very much on the attention of their partners. If you happened to date a Russian bride, make sure she doesn’t lack your attention. First of all, regularly text her and call her — this will make her feel comfortable with you, peaceful and happy.

Texting «good morning, baby» and «good night» isn’t enough. Basically, you have to approach your Russian bride every time when you have a free minute. Be genuinely curious about what happens in her life and share as much as you can about yours. Simple!

2. Compliment the looks of your Russian girlfriend

Russian girls grow up in a society which demands them to look perfect and feminine for men. They adore fashionable clothes, they watch YouTube makeup and hairstyle tutorials and put the theory to practice, they wear heels and do manicure — all to attract the attention of men. There’s even a joke in Russia — a true Russian girl won’t leave her house without full makeup and being stylish even if she goes out to buy a loaf of bread!

Therefore, compliment her efforts. She is doing that for you. By telling a Russian bride that she looks stunning and wonderful, you will melt her heart and make her try to please you even more.

3. Eat everything that the Russian bride cooks for you

Yes, Russian cuisine (with all it’s boiled grains and porridges like buckwheat, beet soups like borsch, thousands of recipes of boiled, mashed and baked potatoes) isn’t for everyone. But admit it, it’s tasty! Especially, when cooked by your Russian bride!

Eat everything that she offers to you — it’s only because she wants to show you her talents. Russian women are usually told that the way to the man’s heart lies through his stomach — so there’s no wonder why she will try to tackle your hunger.

Also note, that in Russia it is common to cook in advance, so don’t get surprised if your Russian bride feeds you with the same shchi (cabbage soup) for five days in a row (it’s still tasty and healthy!). 


4. Pay the bills and give her flowers

A Russian bride will do a lot to impress you. But she will expect you to impress her too. Russian women look for financial stability, strong man’s shoulder and chivalry. That’s why it is better if you pay the bills in restaurants, order taxi for her and, for sure, present her amazing bouquets.

Remember, though, that it’s not common to present to a woman an even number of flowers — usually such are brought to a funeral. Therefore, consult with a florist first before grabbing a pair of red roses.

5. Respect the homeland of your Russian woman

Russian women are very patriotic. They genuinely believe their country is the best, their people are the best and their culture is so. Hence, pay tribute to your Russian bride’s home and never be offensive towards it.

That’s all that you must do for your Russian bride!


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