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The Eight Standards of Japanese Beauty

Latest update: Nov 14, 2018 11857

Whether you agree with this or not, each country has its own standards of beauty. Yes, they can be chauvinist or sexist, but they exist. Both women and men live in “outlined” societies which dictate their rules of appearance standards and behavior.

Here we are going to talk about demands and preferences in the Japanese beauty sphere. And if you have always dreamt of dating a Japanese belle, here’s likely what she will (or will try to) look like.

1. Timid Personality

Japanese are considered to be a nation of introverts, so no wonder that being polite and quiet is so worshiped in this country.

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2. The Whiter The Better

Light skin is a fetish in Asian countries. There is no concrete explanation of why it is so, but there are several hypotheses.

Firstly, in the old time, the white skin was considered a symbol of purity and high-class, as wealthy people didn’t bother themselves working hard in the field under the scorching sun, getting their skin tanned.

Secondly, the obsession with white skin could have also been a result of the “invasion” of Europeans to Asia. Even now when Asians meet Europeans in the streets of their countries, they often admire their beauty and pay an enormous amount of attention to them, taking photos and commenting on their appearance shamelessly.


3. Small Face

If you ask any Japanese what makes a Japanese woman beautiful, there is a high possibility you’ll get an answer like this: “White skin and small faces.”

Sure, don’t you think Japanese girls with baby-faces look “kawaii”?

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4. High-Bridged Nose

This is another beauty-standard among Japanese, and it especially applies to women there. The pointed nose, bridged high is the top feature of a real local bell. Guess, why? Because it also makes a person look cute, adorable and lovely.

It is even prevalent among Asians to resort to plastic surgery to get such a nose. But if your Japanese girlfriend doesn’t have one, never emphasize that so as not to make her feel insecure. We bet this high-bridged nose isn’t a big deal for you or is it?

5. Double-Eyelid

There are different statistics concerning this, but it is estimated that 50% of Asians come with a single-eyelid, which means there is no visible crease. Perhaps, due to the cult of a “white man” in Asia (sorry, if that might sound racist for you), Japanese and other people in Asia also try plastic surgery to get a double-eyelid.

Another reason for the admiration of this feature is that a double-eyelid visually makes the person look more lively, whereas a single-eyelid does the opposite – the person may seem sad or indifferent.


6. Curly Eyelashes

Yes, some women in Japan may wear artificial eyelashes. All in the name of beauty. Sometimes, women use a unique contraption to curl their eyelids. Don’t even ask why this.

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7. Thin Body

“Petiteness” is the top beauty thing in Japan. However, men and women may have different views on the beauty of the women’s body shape in Japan. Some will say it’s a slim or thin body, whereas the other will give preference to an hourglass shape.

8. Long Legs

This is a craze which has conquered the whole world. So no comments.


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