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Top 15 Countries to Find a Mail-Order Bride

Latest update: May 22, 2019 22327

The huge mail-order bride industry is ideal for men seeking a partner from an exotic foreign country without the need to actually go there. But how to you identify the best country to find a wife? Here is our top-15 list.



Colombia has been gaining some popularity on the international arena since it offers some of the most desired brides that are out there. These beautiful curvy Latinas are some of the finest specimen available and will be ecstatic to meet a handsome foreign man.



Without a doubt one of the best places to find a wife, seeing how it is incredibly ethically ambiguous. The male order brides Brazil are some of the sexiest in the world, though one thing you should watch out for is that not all women can speak proper English there.

Dominican Republic


If you are in search of some Caribbean exotics, the Dominican Republic is the way to go. Though in terms of quantity you will find the least amount of women here, they are spicy, passionate, and bring a whole lot of fun and thrilling emotions to the table. You will not go wrong with Dominican mail order brides.



Indian women are a treat to look at. They will take care of your every need and be with you through thick and thin, if you do the same for them, of course. They are not at all demanding and will be a great deal of fun and excitement to be around.



The exotic women of Thailand love men from the west and will practically do all the work for you and seduce you themselves. Their views on family life, sex, and relationships will make for a very thrilling experience.



The crown jewel of eastern European beauty, Ukrainian women are in high demand all over the world. They are known not only for their incredible beauty, but also their smarts and family-oriented views and beliefs.



The women of Belarus, as most Slavic women, will surprise, charm, and astonish you in ways you cannot imagine. They make for some excellent wives and will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to see the world with a western man at her side.

The Philippines


Philippine women are in awe of western men and will consider themselves incredibly fortunate to meet you, and they will show you this as well by being loving, caring, and respectful towards you. One of the most exotic women you will encounter in your life.



Turkmenistan is a new edition to the mail-order bride industry. As a matter of fact, before 2005, if you wanted to find yourself a wife from here and take her out of the country, you would have to pay the government $50,000. Luckily for you, this is not the case anymore, and you can start your search for these beautiful, family-oriented women.



Mexico offers a great selection of ladies that are sexy, passionate and single. They have real family values and know how to treat a man they like and are interested in.



As with most Asian countries, western men are held in high regard in Japan, and many women, if not all, will jump at the opportunity to date a foreign man. They are cute, respectable, and very thrilling to be around.



Uzbekistan is yet another Eastern European country that has been gaining some ground in the mail-order bride field. The women there are some of the best housewives and are incredibly beautiful and culturally diverse.



Vietnam has been gaining some popularity among western men for its beautiful women that have interesting traditional values and dress to impress. They know how to please their man and do so with great joy and love.



With the incredible population density, there are, to say the least, a huge amount of Chinese women looking for a relationship with a man from the west. You will be exotic to them as they will be to you.



Russia is arguably one of the best countries with mail order brides. There are over 500 mail-order bride sites with tens of thousands of women waiting for a man to take them on the adventure of a lifetime.


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