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Top 5 Qualities You Should Have To Get A Russian Girlfriend

Latest update: Dec 04, 2018 6346

Every girl wants happiness, strong and reliable relationships. But for each woman, there are different qualities that make her partner “ideal” in her eyes. Some appreciate kindness and a sense of humor, others – the career perspectives and the amount of money earned.

Russian women prefer specific kind of men. Here are top 5 qualities that you should have to conquer their hearts.


Russian women were brought up in a little bit different societal and cultural attitudes and therefore usually for them a man is a head of a family. They expect from him to be ambitious and with career perspectives, to earn good money and bring it all home. Some women prefer to become housewives and let their husbands earn the family budget.

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It doesn’t mean that a man has to be a handsome model from the cover of a magazine. Instead in Russia, people pay huge attention to the way they dress. There is even a saying: Good clothes open all doors. It means that people judge each other based on appearance first and then they check out the intelligence level of a person.

Dress up well, take care of your haircut and facial hair, put on fresh clothes, wear a perfume. That’s what draws attention to yourself.


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It is quite important in Russian tradition to open the doors before women, give her a hand to when you get off the transport, take off and help her put on her coat and other gentleman stuff. That is the best way you can impress your partner and seem romantic, kind and gentle from the first date.


Russian women can be different. Some of them are independent and strong, others seek protection from their husband. Part of them works and builds a career when others become housewives and take care of kids.

Nonetheless, both of the types of women want to be respected and expect to be treated equally.

Domestic violence has a huge rate in Russia and this topic is still not as widely discussed as it should be. But more and more young people understand the value of respect and consider it to be the core one in their relationships.

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This quality shouldn’t be present only at the beginning of your relationships. Russian women expect their men to show their feelings and be romantic all the time. If you unexpectedly bring her flowers or tickets to a theatre, she would be the happiest woman on Earth. Make small surprises and listen to her wishes. There is nothing easier to impress a woman than make her wishes come true.


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