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Top 7 Myths About International Dating and Mail-Order Brides

Latest update: Jan 23, 2019 6087

Online dating has shrouded in myths, so when singles register on dating platforms in search of girlfriends or mail-order brides, they are either naïve or over-skeptic. For all those, who need a good dose of reality, here are top-7 myths about international dating.

Myth #1. Online Dating Is For Losers Who Can’t Find Girls In Their Homeland

There is a misbelief that it’s only desk-dwelling geeks, who struggle to flirt with girls in their own countries, resort to mail-order brides sites.

On the contrary, it is often successful businessmen who live a hectic lifestyle and don’t have time to build relationships going out on dates.

Also, there are lots of men who merely want to try something new in life, as well as there are lots of introverts, self-confident and successful people, but for whom real-life interactions can be exhaustive.

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Myth #2. All Mail-Order Bride Sites Are Scam

Sure, there are lots of so-called agencies with malicious intentions. But it doesn’t mean that ALL of them are like that.

To bar yourself from fraudsters, read reviews online (both from experts and modest users). Also, don’t be shy to contact the support team and ask it about any concerns that you have. Read terms of use and refund policies – a notorious mail-order bride site will have them.


Myth #3. A Good Mail-Order Bride Site Is a 100% Guarantee To Meet A Dream-Woman

A mail-order bride site is just a tool that can help you look for a potential spouse, but there is no guarantee you will find one.

First of all, she just might not be there, or you might not bump into her. Secondly, if you have low communication skills, you are not going to conquer her heart online.

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Myth #4. Registering On A Site Is Enough to Find A Mail-Order Bride

No. You really have to work on yourself, just like in real life. However, here your fortune depends on how good you fill in your questionnaire and how detailed your dream-woman description is.

If it is not sufficient, it is unlikely the site’s search algorithms will find perfect matches for you. And it is also unlikely nice women will react to your profile.

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Myth #5. All Mail-Order Brides Want To Get Permanent Residence Permit In Your Country

Nope. Most of them are real women with genuine intentions – to find a husband. So if you are skeptical, try to spend more time communicating with the lady to learn more about her and her ambitions.

Myth #6. Mail-Order Bride Sites Have Fake “Brides”

You might have heard that often it is not brides who text you online but hired professionals, who will try to drag out money of you or make you pay for more credits. Yes, it’s sad, but it happens. But, once again, NOT ALL THE TIME. Do the research, and choose a trustworthy site which doesn’t do that.

Myth #7. International Couples Break Up Soon

Bullshit. There are lots of international couples which have stayed together for decades. The fact that you and your bride are from different countries doesn’t matter – only how you build up your relationship does.


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