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Top Countries to Find Eastern European Women for Marriage

Latest update: Nov 06, 2018 9121

Eastern European women are known for their natural beauty and kind heart. These are the partners you can fully rely on and be sure of their support no matter what happens. They are brought up from early childhood by acknowledging respect and equality in the relationship. In some families, girls are taught to look fully after husband because it is him, who earns money. But no matter what kind of a bride you want - easygoing and appeasable or strong-willed - you will definitely find a perfect match.

Here is the list of top countries you should bear in mind when thinking of meeting an Eastern European beauty.


Perhaps, the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Eastern European beauties is Russia. Russians are usually blond, tall and sexy. They know how to behave themselves with a man and how to attract his attention. From early years they are taught to keep the house clean and a man well fed.

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Ukrainians are gentle, kind and astonishing. They have amazing thin shape, big eyes of all colors possible, beautiful hair. But most importantly they care joyful attitude to life, they are open to different adventurous and will always be your support.


Belorus women are attractive models with blond hair, capturing men’ hearts and making them the luckiest people on the earth. They do all household chores, become great mothers and loyal wives and always appreciate the person who is next to them.


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Here beauty comes with intelligence. Latvian women are those that will be your best friend, your partner, and your support. They are known for their calmness and understanding. They won’t trap you into some conflict and will always work hard on the relationship with you.


Here are the women who look like angels: with blond hair and blue eyes. Similarly to their Latvian neighbors, they are calm and loyal. Brides here pay attention to their education and self-realization and seek for an equal partner rather than a financial sponsor.

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This country is a home for slim and pretty girls who combine the best of Scandinavian and Slavic features. So if this is a kind of bride you are looking for, you should definitely check out the biggest of the three Baltic states.

So whenever you are ready to date a girl from Eastern Europe, you now know where to look for them. However, the description above is generalized and, obviously, the women you will meet will differ from the accepted standards.

What you should know for sure is that Eastern European brides are a treasure to find and marry because they will always be by your side, care about the house and family and work out any situation. Isn’t it a dream?


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