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Top Myths About Latin Women

Latest update: Jun 19, 2019 9166

Are you dating a Latina girl? Or do you consider dating one? Then perhaps you have already heard dozens of myths about Latin girls — we’re going to debunk them for your sake!

1. Latinas look like indigenous women

No. Latina women are extremely diverse. Direct ancestors of indigenous tribes in Latin America make up only a fraction of the entire population. In Colombia, for example, native Amerindians make up only 3.4% of all people. The math population in Latin countries is mixed up, e. g., in Argentina 56% of people claim they have indigenous ancestry but it doesn’t mean they all look alike.

Many of beautiful Latin girls are Mestizos (they have European and indigenous ancestry), Mulattoes (European and African), simply white (they are descendants of Spaniards or even Germans), or Afro-Latinas.

Therefore, Latin women come in different appearances and shapes. Some are pale with cute narrow eyes and jet-black straight hair, some are tanned and have wavy brown hair, others are dark and have sexy curlicues! Latin women are middle-sized or short, some are slim and others — bootylicious!

2. They are Catholic

Again, no, not all Latin women are Catholic. Some of them are Protestant, others are atheist or agnostic. So before making any judgments, better ask your Latin girl what her views on religion are.

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3. All Latin women dance salsa

Yes, beautiful Latin women know how to «shake-it» — they’d never refuse to dance in any beach party. However, it doesn’t mean that all South American women know salsa dance moves.

Therefore, don’t expect your Latin dancing partner to be as experienced as the world’s top salsa gurus, but better invite her to join you at the dancing classes!

4. They are sex-crazed

All women love sex, and Latinas are not an exception, but they aren’t sex-addicts! They are simple women who embrace their sexuality and don’t mind looking for someone who would appreciate their sensuality and passion.

It means that you shouldn’t take Latin women for granted when it comes to sex, but approach them with respect.

5. Latin women eat only tacos

Latin cuisine is so diverse that your mind will just go round if you try to remember everything. Ask your Latina girlfriend to cook her favorite native dish — you’ll be surprised but it won’t be tacos! 

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6. Latin girls wear sexy clothes to attract men

No, Latinas wear sexy clothes because they love their bodies and feel like it. Also, body-revealing clothes in Latin American can be normal during hot seasons. That’s it.

7. If you marry a Latina, you marry her entire family

This is partially true — Latin women, perhaps, are those who love and respect their families the most. Latin girls have very affectionate relationships with their mothers.

If you happen to marry a Latina girl, you have to be ready to spend some of the weekends with her family — enjoy her mother’s food and discuss football and politics with her dad. But no, it doesn’t mean her entire family will rely on you.

These were the debunked top myths about Latina women. Now you know all the truth!


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