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Which Asian Country Has the Best Women?

Latest update: Nov 14, 2018 6655

If you ever dreamt about a foreign girlfriend, you might have thought of dating Asian mail-order brides. All of them, regardless of the country of their origin, are believed to be perfect wives as they are brought up being taught to be devoted to their families.

If the first thing you pay attention to in women is their appearance, you might have also bothered yourself thinking which Asian country indeed has the most attractive mail-order brides. In case you haven’t found any answer so far, here are some suggestions for you.

1. Mail-Order Bride From The Philippines

In this country, girls are alluring thanks to their natural beauty. Not likewise in Thailand, people here are less obsessed with plastic surgery, so it is way easier to find a compatible partner here among “naturals.”

The genuine beauty of Filipinas lies in their heritage. Their gene pool is pretty rich as the Philippines’ women’s ancestors are Spaniards, Chinese as well as Malaysian people. They aren’t usually tall, they have, what is called “sun-kissed” skin, high noses and deep-set eyes.

But most importantly, they are believed to have gorgeous personalities.

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2. Mail-Order Bride From Japan

Japanese girls are “kawaii.” Even according to the country’s main beauty standards, the cute girls are to be worshipped.

Ladies here are thin (if not to say “petite”), with small baby-faces, single-eyelids, and high-bridged noses. The main feature of Japanese girls is that most of them have porcelain-color skin and dark smooth like silk hair.

Don’t wonder, if you find here girls with curly eyelashes (it is a recent fashion-trend) or single-eyelids (thanks to plastic surgeries). But anyway, all of them are just extremely charming! And that’s thanks to their tenderness and introversion.


3. Mail-Order Bride From South Korea

Despite the fact, that TV and the Internet profoundly influence women here, and girls wear a lot of makeup sometimes even resorting to plastic surgeries, they are naturally beautiful too.

South Korean girls can even be considered as fashion rebels. Here you will find girls with different hair color in freakum clothes and with fancy makeup. This all is OK as people here do all that just for fun and for sure under the influence of the K-pop subculture.

Girls here are very progressive, by the way.

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4. Mail-Order Bride From India

Women in this country have a SPARK in their eyes. Raven-haired and with beautifully tanned skin, Indian belles can easily conquer the hearts of Westerners.

It is unfortunate that Bollywood promotes only women with light skin there, as Indian girls with darker tints of skin are still one of the most attractive creatures on earth! They are both gentle and spicy, and when it’s time, they will show their character.

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5. Mail-Order Bride From China

Regarding facial features, China is considered to be the most diverse Asian country. There are lots of different ethnicities with absolutely gorgeous self-confident women, mostly with jet black hair and light, fragile skin.

Foreigners often say Chinese girls look like dolls, and, can you believe it (?) without an addiction to plastic surgeries and makeup which South Korean ladies have.

So, as you can see, the variety of beauties in Asian countries is enormously broad, and that’s even without mentioning the beauty features of girls from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, and so on. The last choice is after you!


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