Guide to Find a Wife Online: a Detailed How-To

Who is not using the Internet today? It has got into every sphere of our life and conquered them as the most comfortable and efficient platform to work on. Dating is not an exception: a tremendous part of our everyday communication happens online. You can even find your future spouse out there, it's true! Or even «order» a bride from another country.

The practice of making marriages through the Internet has already got a history. And if you are interested, you need to know some little things before you get started.

We have collected the facts and tips useful for online love activity. Check this out!

Ordering a bride: How?

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You see, the tradition (or rather a trend) to pick a wife from foreign countries did not happen suddenly after the Internet was invented. Even in the old days kings and princes would look for their future wives in other kingdoms. What for? To make their country more powerful, of course! As these marriages were based on a deliberate decision, they lasted for a long time. It was done for the good future of the state, so the bride wouldn't often have a choice. Luckily, today the situation is different.

Nowadays the main purpose of searching for your happiness on the other continent is more sincere and pure — it is a wish of love and a better life. Men and women all over the world use their chances to find a perfect match by widening the range of potential partners. There are no guarantees that your significant other is living in the same city with you, so why not use the opportunity and throw your glance across the ocean?


Anyways, the old and the new method of choosing wives have something in common. In our days we do it by the pictures: we study the profile, see the photos and decide if we want to start chatting. Let's face the facts, we do judge by appearance sometimes, and there is nothing bad about craving for beauty. And many centuries ago the procedure was nearly the same: the servants would bring the portraits of queens and princesses to their kings and let them choose a wife! As you can see, appearance DID matter — perhaps, even more than now.

Whatever it was, now we are smarter and, probably, more intelligent, because a beautiful face is not the final argument. We use a chance to know the person better, to see what they like or dislike, we can discuss our worldviews and life goals.

The process of choosing a foreign wife has got much more interesting. Estimate and value the right things, and you will find a key to Her heart!

Who is a foreign bride?

When you see that you lack something in your life, something that cannot be fulfilled with simple pleasures, you start thinking about family life. You want someone to care for you, to be there when you need her and simply to dedicate her feelings to you.

International marriage agencies offer their services for those who are determined in their wish of a foreign spouse.

Online dating and wedding sources can give you all the needed help to have a productive communication and even meet in real life!

But you only see one, your side of it.

So who usually is that bride you are talking to?


It is a regular girl, who wants to have a partner from abroad, just as you do. Usually, these girls don't have other options but have to do it due to different uneasy circumstances of their life. Yet it doesn't mean that they are greedy or dishonest: a dream of better future includes not only wealth (and not necessarily it), but a strong man's shoulder, respective relations, good opportunities for personal development and common harmony.

Eastern European and Asian girls are considered to be the best brides, that is why we have gathered a lot of their profiles on various dating platforms for you to make sure!

Why do men want to find a woman abroad?

Ladies may have various personal reasons for setting their profile on marriage websites, but usually, the majority of them have something in common.

You may know that the general situation in Russia and Ukraine is not as satisfying as we wish it were. The life conditions leave much to be desired, so no wonder girls want to break out of that mess.

The local mentality is also special. In many families, it is still common to humiliate and abuse women for just being weaker, and the modern wave of feminism doesn't change the situation a lot. Work and obey — that's all girls do, so they take dating sites as a chance to start a new life elsewhere safer and saner.

Men in those countries tend not to work but to demand a lot. Thereby all of the troubles fall on tender women's shoulders.


The situation in Asian countries is not too different. There is has been taught in centuries that woman is allowed to do almost nothing. Of course, with the track of time, this idea has lost its power a little bit, but the unexplainable prejudice is still alive. Asian girls now tend to run away just because they want to live, and not watch somebody living.

So, the basic reason for women to marry a foreign man is to give a fresh start to their life with new rules, new impressions, and a new worldview. You are free to join in and make a someone's dream come true.

A myth to be busted

Before moving on, let's figure something out. We need to define what exactly a «mail order bride» thing is. Although you may find many results for «buy a bride online» search request, it doesn't literally mean that you buy a person. Come on, it is not human trafficking!

When you order a wife on Internet, it just means that you pay for the agency which manages your efforts. That's it! Yes, you do a lot of the job yourself — create the texts, communicate, meet the girl, finally, but all the assistance required is supplied by the marriage site you have chosen.

Technically, you make some kind of «order» by setting the search, deciding who you want to meet and choosing between the profiles suggested. But it is not buying a wife. It is nothing like a property you possess!


The money spent on the services like that is not small, yet you wouldn't probably spend less on a regular relationship. Meanwhile, a romance which starts online for a certain purpose flies faster and is quite likely to end up with a wedding. Long story short, it is worth its money.

Online romance step-by-step

How to get a bride online

Almost all of the dating websites offer the same procedure of getting into the process of searching for a bride.

  • Step 1. Choose an agency or site which will provide you the service. It is important to use one of the famous and with the good interface. You have to understand easily how to use it and be sure that their database is wide, so you can find someone who will match you. Try to avoid free websites, because the level of deceit there is normally extremely high. Pay services confirm that the deed is done seriously and expert are involved. It guarantees you the good result and, what's important, safety to your money and personal data.
  • Step 2. Think of who you are looking for. Nationality, eye and hair color, personality traits, tastes in music and food, activities preferable. The more information you give to the agency, the easier it is for them to find you a suitable option.
  • Step 3. Look through the catalog. In some agencies, they still offer you catalogs where you can previously look at the girls and see who is preferable for you. They are usually divided by nationalities, so you better know who you would like to see as your wife in advance.
  • Step 4. Register. Set your profile and add as much information about yourself. Be honest and open, share the details to let your soulmate recognize you from afar. Add some nice pictures, let them be different. It is a good idea not to boast or overdose the romance. Be natural, just what you are in real life. Because, with some luck, sooner or later you will have to meet — and you want Her not to be disappointed, don't you?
  • Step 5. Just talk! Start the conversations. It is not forbidden to hold more that one chat at a time. At the beginning you are only beginning to know each other, so looking for options isn't bad. Use your chances, try to make a good impression and be a gentleman. A nice treat is what those ladies came for, so show that you are a real man, not some ordinary guy they see every day. But, what's most important, be sincere and don't lie. You wouldn't want her to lie to you, right? Start with yourself, and you will have a wonderful time.


    Dating sites and how to choose them

    Yes, the number of them is enormous these days. But you can choose the one you like easily, and to make this choice wise, do the following.

    1. See how popular the site is. It is easily sorted out by Google search. If the page is visited, there must be something about it, right?
    2. Pay attention to the pricing. It has to be reasonable.
    3. Pick a site by the country you want a wife from.

    Picking a bride online: how much is that?

    Honestly, the pricing is pretty much the same on different dating platforms. We will give you the average numbers so you can imagine how expensive or cheap it is for you.

    1. It all starts with the catalog. One can cost about $120, and it gives you the access to site's profiles database. You can look, you can admire, you can decide.
    2. The usual monthly payment is around $20 but could be a little more if you want to use Gold or Platinum version for the site ($50 and more). But before buying this pro option, study the benefits that it gives and think if you do need them. Sometimes it is more profitable to spend more money on gifts or save it for the trip.
    3. If a translation is required, you will pay $6-10 per minute talk. It is a vital point while talking to a foreign girl, so consider this kind of expenses.
    4. If you want to be romantic and empress your lady, sending the gift is a brilliant idea. But due to the website's privacy policy, all home addresses are confidential. To get it you shall pay up to $15, and this way prove your intentions.
    5. When a trip and meeting eventually happens, it leads to more expenses. The starting price is $3 500, but it depends on the country and distance. Above that, there are things like transfer, presents, and other local stuff.


    Generally speaking, the whole online dating thing can cost you around $25 000. Sound like too much? Well, not so, if you know what to compare it to.

    Anyway, you wouldn't come to this site if you were not ready to bring your time and effort on the altar of love. Money is just a tool of leading you to the dream, so you shouldn't be surprised by how much you pay. It is all worth it in the end.

    Long story short, there are no obstacles for a loving heart. Across the seas and continents, you are ready to go to reach the one you have chosen. Be brave! Have courage, because Lady Luck loves courageous men. Leave your prejudice aside and give it a try. Make the first step, and we will do everything to make it bring you to your destiny.

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