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Latest update: Jan 14, 2020
Rating: 9.5/10
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What is RomanceTale?

This dating venue has already connected a lot of loving hearts, and there are a lot of success stories of happy husbands and wives who have got this status thanks to Romance Tale. The site is not a scammer business and worked honestly providing its members with good service and pleasant and bright private life perspectives.


It was established in 2013, and since that time it has managed to become one of the most visited dating sites. Romance Tale has a really great reputation and welcomes more than 180 000 visitors a month, which is a pretty amazing number. Try to imagine how big are the chances to meet your perfect match there if you register right now!

Usage and interface

Romance Tale looks nice, the design doesn't annoy your site, and you can navigate around the site with no problem. The interface is clear and convenient making you want to register a profile and try it out.

The registration is fast and simple, all you need to tell is your sex, name, email address, and password. After that, you get an opportunity to see what Romance Tale has to offer you and get familiar with the functions it has.



The support is very friendly and responsive, so you can ask your questions if you have any. You can get the answers at any time of day and night, as well as the tips on the online behavior and anti-scam tricks.

Is RomanceTale a scam?

As well as the other dating sources, Romance Tale can be thought to be a deceiving venue. Luckily, it isn't so as Romance Tale has a really good rating among the other dating sites and does it job in very high quality. The services provided are honest, the policy of the site is clear, and actually, they have nothing to hide. You can read more about their anti-scam and privacy policy on the website and see that the team is doing its best to protect you and your data from fraudsters.


The latest encoding systems have been included to help you protect your personal information and make sure that it won't leak anywhere. To ensure you, here is an example: you can't even exchange your contacts with a lady you like if you haven't passed the verification procedure. It is a sign of a serious approach to the issue of personal data and a really respective attitude to the clients.

Who you can find at RomanceTale

As we have told before, the site is specialized in women from Asia. It is not a platform for youngsters, and the site's user is of completely different age, starting from 18-year-old girls and finishing with mature women. Everybody can find a person to his or her taste because the database is big and impressive.

The ladies' accounts are created very carefully, with the help of special agents who check the documents and verify women's personalities. An unverified profile won't be registered at Romance Tale.



The accounts are filled in as much as possible to give you the full understanding of who is in front of you so you can make your decision based on that. The team also advises you to tell more about yourself as you can be more interesting to a woman if she knows who she is talking to.

How do you start?

When the registration is finished, you have to add some photos to your account and tell the site who you are looking for. You can mention age, height, eye color, nationality and interests to make the picture of your future bride more precise. The working algorithm sorts out those women who could be interesting to you and gives you an opportunity to see those like-minded singles. It also works through the matching interests or hobbies and makes you take a look at those girls who have values familiar to yours.

You can start your action at the site with a notification. It is free of charge, and you can send it to a girl to show that you are interested in her. After that, you can pay for the credits and start to chat!



The cost

The pricing policy of Romance Tale is not much different from the other dating sites but looks like a profitable one. For real money, you can buy a certain amount of credits to pay for the site's services. They go in packs.

  • 250 Credit Pack for $69.99
  • 125 Credit Pack for $44.99
  • 50 Credit Pack for $19.99
  • 20 Credits Pack for $2.99

The more you buy at once, the cheaper it is to you.


Romance Tale also cares about the safety of you and your money, so they offer the following scheme:

if you get so interested in a girl that you organize a meeting for her (here: use Romance Tale's services to get this gone), but at the very last minute she cancels it, you get a refund.

It is a fair action because these last-minute «no» cases look like a fraud, and the team of the site protects you from such kind of accidents.

Available services

Romance Tale does everything to give you a comfortable space for communication. You can use instant messages, online chats, video calls in Skype. You can also watch home videos that girls load on their pages in order to see what they tell about themselves. Virtual and real gifts are also available at Romance Tale of you want to impress your lady.


The real-life meeting can be organized according to your wish; Romance Tale will assist if it is needed and make your date unforgettable.

If the translation is required, you are free to order that service. Don't worry about the language barrier when it comes to a visit to your lady's country: if you need the assistance, the site is ready to send you an interpreter.

Pros and Cons

So, to sum up, let's make the lists of positive and negative things about Romance Tale.

The advantages are:

  • huge database
  • comfortable, intuitive interface
  • profitable pricing
  • various communication opportunities

The disadvantages:

  • it might be hard to response all of the messages that you get
  • a long-distance relationship isn't an easy thing.

If you dare to start an international romance, you have to be ready that it won't be a piece of cake. We mean, it requires patience, effort and true, sincere passion. IF you are ready to spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, if you are ready to sacrifice your personal wishes from time to time, and, most importantly, if you really want to be with the one you have chosen despite all the obstacles, you are ready for it.


Love is the distance can be possible, and we are lucky to live in an era of instant communication; all the modern technology has gathered to help us in our needs. Don't miss the chance to find your love, even if it is so far away from you.

Romance Tale has brought together many happy couples, a lot of their stories ended with marriages. Not even ended: they just went on to another episode of their lives, when now they share common things, including family name.

A key to your personal happiness lies beneath; You have to reduce your criticism about online dating and give it a try. It only seems unreal, but live examples show how easy it actually is.

Romance Tale's anti-scam policy helps you to stay reliably protected from fraudsters and simply dishonest woman. You actually lose nothing, but get the chance to purchase much, much more. Maybe even more than you expect! So forget your skepticism and dive into new love adventure starting at the dating venue. Your destiny must be waiting for you right there, behind the pretty photo of a tiny Asian lady. Dare to try?

Total score 9.5
Ease of Use
Number of Members
Safety & Anti-Scam
Customer Service
Quality of Profiles
Value for Money
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I can’t help but fall in love with these Asian belles! Just look at their jet-black hair, narrow cat-like eyes, smooth skin, ah! When I go online on RomanceTale I get lost – I see pictures of so many adorable Asian girls I don’t know who to start talking to. I wish all Asian dating sites were like this. RomanceTale is just perfect!
Hi! I’m that lucky one who has managed to conquer the heart of a Thai girl on RomanceTale! Just writing it for you to get jealous.
I’m crazy about Chinese girls but finding them online (you know, the Internet is censored in China) is very difficult, and if you find someone it is not likely you’ll be able to communicate with this girl freely – Asian girls are not good at speaking English, and I, in my turn (I admit it) am lazy to study Chinese. I’m happy RomanceTale provides the translation services. I acknowledge it’s not a solution for a long-term relationship but for the first steps it’s just fine.
Satisfying site, but something is missing… I can’t really say what, I’m bad at dating…
It is very difficult to get the attention of girls online, I think they’re getting spoilt by our attention. I tried various sites, but everywhere girls were just ignoring me. I was wondering – why? What was wrong with my profile, with the way I text girls? And then I realized that the problem isn’t in me – those were the sites. RomanceTale, on the contrary, provides such communication tools that help diversify the interaction and it really engages girls more, so give it a shot!
I am not a young man and I had a lot of skepticism toward online-dating, but RomanceTale changed my mind. Yes, not every chat here ends up with some kind of online-relationship, but to meet a partner here is more than real.
RomanceTale turned my life upside down. I am happy I chose it and I believe it was a destiny to meet my girlfriend here.
I’ve tried a lot of dating websites that host Eastern girls, and RomanceTale is the best. It just makes everything work for you and that’s why I value it.
There are a lot of fears when you start dating online, but they all vanish when you see how comfortable and efficient this platform is. Give it a try.
RomanceTale is for a real adventure-seekers, who know what they are looking for in life and ready for it. Don’t start online-dating with Asians if you don’t want it to be serious.
I like how the platform cares to provide the best service possible. You can always ask customer support for help and etc. Beautiful.
I’ve read that girls on RomanceTale are provided with a professional photo session to attract men. However, the girls I am chatting with right now is just as on the avatar. So I don’t see why it can be bad
RomanceTale charges you for even looking at a picture. You will have to buy 20 credits for $10 and only then you can look at a picture. That’s pathetic. They charge you for every basic feature even!
A lot of the pictures on the RomanceTale website are from different sites and are just fake. They try to lure you in with hot pictures of women and get all of your money for fake profiles. Awful!
Love is everywhere, you just have to look around. I found it on RomanceTale in a month after becoming a member here. Now it’s my homepage in a browser.
I was talking to a girl on RomanceTale only to find out later that it was a complete disappointment. Either it was a chatbot or some ugly guy sitting in some corner of the world. I asked for a selfie and the girl couldn’t even do that.
Absolutely trustworthy platform which was the top issue for me. I am glad I chose it for dating.
RomanceTale charges on the basis of per minute usage of their service. That is so inconvenient to me.
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