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Latest update: Jan 14, 2020
Rating: 9.5/10
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Rubrides Review

Now in the era of the Internet, it is getting maximally easy to find a mail-order bride onthe dating site. A lot of couples start their happy stories with the words: «So we got acquainted on this website...» and the following details of their digital romance.

In such deeds, it is important to find a really reliable platform because it is literally the half of your success. Good scammer protection and the satisfying quality of services provided can increase your chances of finding your destiny online.

Here we describe Rubrides as one of the most remarkable representatives in the dating market and a trustworthy venue of online romances.


What is Rubrides?

Rubrides is a dating site created to connect the loving hearts. Gentlemen from all over the world come here to get a mail-order bride.  Looking through the numerous profiles, chatting with women they dive into the romantic search and hope that here they can find the one they can call their wife.

The site has been created for those whose aim is a real, long-lasting relationship. Regular flirting is left aside, because here every user, both male, and female, knows that a spouse is what they search for.

Rubrides has already become a sort of brand and has a perfect reputation in the world. The services provided are of a very high quality, and you can find a lot of positive reviews on it. Numerous marriages have happened thanks to Rubrides, and it strengthens the belief that it is possible to find your perfect match on the site and not in real life.

It is now not necessary to walk down the streets and try to ask random girls out. Rubrides gives you an opportunity to do everything without wasting a huge amount of your time and leaving your comfort zone. You can start your communication every moment, and thousands of beautiful Russian ladies would be there for you.


What it looks like

The interface of Rubrides is easy, and you can understand what to do with no problems. You can navigate on the site without any help and quickly register your own profile. The site's design is attractive and draws your attention.

The process of registration takes minutes. This procedure is free, and you can be done with it within a very short time. Your sex, name, password and email address are all the site's team need to help you create your own page. Right after that, you can start chatting.

We recommend you not to stop at that point and go on filling in your profile with photos and some information about yourself. You wouldn't like to talk to a faceless person yourself, would you? So don't act that way, let the ladies know something about you.

Moreover, Rubrides matching algorithm is actively working, and as long as you add information about your parameters, education, and work, hobbies and interests or even life values, it does a great thing for you. The site analyses your profile, and if you match some woman's criteria, you get a so-called «letter of introduction», in which she tells you about herself, explains why you are interested in you and offers you to start the communication.

As chatting is free at the beginning, it is a good idea to make your account as full as possible to draw more female attention to your personality.


The pricing

As other dating platforms, Rubrides has the system of credits. There are no memberships here, you simply buy a pack of cretins according to your needs and spend them on the chosen services. The average pricing is this.

Credits Cost:

  • 1000 - $399.00 or 0.40 each
  • 500 - $249.00 or 0.50 each
  • 320 - $185.00 or 0.58 each
  • 160 - $96.00 or 0.60 each
  • 80 - $56.00 or 0.70 each
  • 40 - $30.00 or 0.75 each
  • 20 - $15.99 or 0.80 each

As you can spot, it is more profitable to buy more at once as the cost of one credit gets lower for you. Besides, it is good to have more just in case and not constantly replenish the reserves.

None of the services is free, each of them has its fixed price. For example, you can watch one video for ten credits. To open the mail some lady sent to you will also cost you ten credits; the same price is for sending one mail.

As you can see, such system also helps you to understand who you actually like and prevent you from chatting with a lot of women, wasting your money and time pointlessly.


The only exception

We have told you that all of the services are paid, but there is the only one which goes free: it is the translation. Unlike other dating sites, Rubrides makes it free in order to ease your communication and reduce the threat to your wallet.

It is understandable that the majority of Western men are unlikely to know Russian or any other Slavic languages, and Rubrides treats it with understanding.

In case you have any extra questions about the quality of the translation, you can contact the support team 24/7.

What you can do at Rubrides

The range of provided services is not so special. You can do the mailing, send instant messages to the ladies, make phone or even video calls, watch the uploaded videos that women offer about themselves, and, of course, send you chose one's presents and flowers to show how they matter to you.

You can add some special profiles to the list of Favorites not to lose them and contact them later. From time to time you can look through your list and sort out who you like more. It is free of charge, and you don't have to pay to wander around the site looking at the profiles and women's pictures.

There is a list of women online being constantly updated, so you can watch who is active at the moment and start your communication with them.

If you have decided that your online romance has done to the point when you can see your lady alive, you can order a Date A Lady service at Rubrides. The site's team organizes you a tour to your woman's native country and gives you some time to spend together in real life.

There is one more extra service that differentiates Rubrides from the similar sites — it is called Romance Tour. You choose a country you like, the site makes up a list of your potential matches from that country, and you go on a real tour dating those women, talking to walking with them in real life, seeing who you like more. It is an unforgettable romantic adventure!


Safety policy

Rubrides cares about its users and tries to make the dating environment as cozy as possible. Safety is the top priority for the site's team, so their policy is quite strict with that.

If there is some suspicious activity on your profile spotted, you can get asked to verify your identity. It is a normal procedure which happens to anyone who looks even at least abnormal because it is one of the tools in fighting the scammers.

The ladies' profiles at the site are usually quite speaking; they include numerous pictures and an interview with its owner. If the photos seem too professional to you, don't take it for a fraud. The thing is that a lot of women order the service of photo session to look their best at the website. Anyway, you can always use the videocall service to make sure that you are talking to a real person.

Rubrides doesn't let you share or receive any contact info except for the one allowed because it is another stage of fighting the scam. If there is such info in the mails, it gets blocked. This way you don't have a chance to become a victim of fraud who can, for example, as you to send her some money urgently.

If you have doubts regarding any issues, all the policies are explained on the site, and you always have access to it.


Rubrides is a great dating venue having more than 4 million of users, which is an astonishing number. The quality of its services is high, and privacy and safety policy firmly protect you from any kind of scam.

The site gives you lots of chances to find your true love here, and you simply don't have the right to miss it! Numerous couples have already been formed thanks to Rubrides. The opportunity to do Romance Tours widens your horizons and gives you the memories you will never forget. Give it a try and greet your destiny with Rubrides.

Total score 9.5
Ease of Use
Number of Members
Safety & Anti-Scam
Customer Service
Quality of Profiles
Value for Money
FREE Registration
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I have never seen as attractive, tender and hot Russian girls as on RuBrides. These guys indeed are doing a good job, I can only imagine what it takes to select all those beauties over there. By the way, if you prefer Ukrainian or other Slavic women, I think you can still try and search for them on this site – I have bumped into a couple of them on RuBrides.
I can’t express how much I’m excited about RuBrides. This is the only site that helped me to build a strong relationship with a Russian woman. They do select girls attentively, I guess, and I’m glad I’ve found the love of my life – Alinochka – there.
I’ve heard girls on RuBrides participate in professional photo shoots to make their profiles more attractive to foreigners. I hope that that’s how they look in real life *giggling*.
For some people, this platform might seem a little bit pricey, but I think it is just fine, especially, if you take into consideration how much the site’s team does for us for our safety, good connection with girls, support and so on. Recommend it!
Haven’t seen anything like that before – maybe they have just charmed me, who knows, or maybe it’s my online girlfriend Sveta who I have met on RuBrides. She’s a nice girl, by the way, very different from American women and that’s why I like her. Fingers crossed for our marriage!
Who never dreamt of a hot Russian blond? Well, here you will find dozens of girls who are eager to talk to you. Try your luck.
A lot of myths and stereotypes are written on the Web about Russian girls, such as that they are thirsty for money and want a foreign man to emigrate. I should say, it’s not true or at least not true for everyone. And RuBrides hosts the nicest girls possible.
RuBrides is one of the many websites to date Russian girls. I don’t think that it is the best one, but it is definitely not a waste of money either.
RuBrides got me really excited. Here I understood for the first time that we live in a world with no borders and you can date whoever you want. It’s amazing.
RuBrides is a regular dating website that shows a lot of single Russian beauties. However, conquering their hearts is a more tough issue that to find a platform when they are hosted.
I like RuBrides due to their simplicity. Everything here is understandable, you don’t have any problems when using the platform. For me, in my 50s it is the best solution.
I am sure that if you register on RuBrides, you will find your match. It has so many users that it is impossible otherwise.
When people start telling me that all online-dating website is made just for money, I want to laugh at their face. Dating websites really match you up with a partner. And often it turns to be serious. I am very happy I chose RuBrides as a dating platform.
The RuBride website is quite difficult to use with most of the features and options difficult to find. I did not like RuBride because of their pathetic website. Don’t recommend!
The number of members on RuBride is fairly less. I did not have many options to choose from and found out that most of the profiles were fake. This literally spoiled my mood and I had to look for another online dating site.
The biggest concern for me was the privacy of my bank account on the platform. Here everything is safe and under control. I am very satisfied.
The customer care at RuBrides is something I wasn’t satisfied with. I had a payment issue and their customer care team told me that they cannot help me in this case. Highly disappointing.
Even though the pricing on the RuBride site is fairly low, I did not like their quality of profiles much. I did not expect this at RuBrides and wanted more info.
RuBrides provided me with a horrible dating experience. It was my first time in online dating and the girl just conned me bad. Moreover, the customer care team couldn’t help me out. That’s sad.
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