What Is So Special About Russian Mail Order Brides?

If you go to search for a wife online, you can find anyone. Various dating sites and apps can offer thousands of profiles for all tastes. Blondes and brunettes, tall and tiny, Asian and European — ladies who are looking for their love are different.

But one of the most often search request is «Russian mail order bride», and it has been on top for a while already. Many men all over the world dream to get one of the Russian ladies. Famous Slavic beauty conquers the hearts of gentleman everywhere, and western grooms aren't the exception. But a pretty face is not it; there must be something else that makes Russian girls so desired as wives. So, what's that? Let's find out.


What do we know about Russian girls?

Besides « mysterious Russian soul », that has already become a catchphrase, there are a lot of common thoughts about Russian singles wide-spread around the globe. Let's try to put up what we already know about them.

Adventurous. Russian girls are funny, creative and don't like to be stuck in one place. Usually, they are quite active and agree on different adventures easily. The will to know and try something new is winning, so try to catch up to that! You will never be bored with a girl like that. It is a good kind of curiosity that moves her forward, and, believe us, that is a great trait for spending your time together. Imagine you in 20 years, when both of you will change (and so will the circumstances in your life), and she still will be interesting and diverse in her interests! That makes a great spouse.

Hospital. It is absolutely that Russian women make the best housewives and can run the house perfectly. It is also in their traditions to be very welcome and open-hearted, so be sure that your Russian spouse will do her best to please your guests and family. The rumors are real so that it will be another attractive trait of hers. Although it is not the most important while choosing your partner, still the ability to make good housekeeping is a nice bonus, which definitely won't disappoint you.

Responsible. As far as she comes from a country where she probably had to do a lot by herself, a Russian girl understands what responsibility is. She can make the decisions and take its consequences. If you marry a Russian woman, you can be sure that she is saying «yes» with all understanding. Messing around is not a thing for her, so she starts a family in a sane way. Luckily for men, Russian singles take marriage as an important step in their life, it is not some fooling around or «another cool thing to try». They consider husband as a man to stay with forever, so count on that.


Beautiful. Slavic faces are the prettiest; it has been proven many times. Russian and Ukrainian girls effortlessly take first prizes in different beauty contests and charm everybody around. But it's not only about the appearance nature gave them, but it's also about self-care. Unlike the western view of what is beautiful, eastern ladies take that seriously and always try to look their best, or at least good enough to impress their surrounding and turn men's heads. Back in their home countries they don't have this European approach like «comfortable is the new black», so forget about seeing your significant other in a tracksuit. A Russian girl will prefer a dress to a couple of trousers and at least a light make-up to the total absence of it. So, picking a wife like that, you can proudly walk her down the streets and make other men jealous, because this hot lady is yours!

Family-oriented. Although Ukrainian and Russian singles don't stop on marriage only and develop themselves in the career, they are usually ready to sacrifice their job in the name of the family. Looking after children and keeping the house seems to them more valid than reaching the highest positions in business, and they are raised up with the idea of being a good and supporting wife. However, it doesn't mean that they simply turn into a «stay-at-home» and get drawn to the couch. A Russian lady is independent and ambitious enough to want to work for her own aims.

Unconditionally loving. She can go through thick and thin with you if she falls for you. Really, this love can be wild and unbelievably strong. Some may viciously call it blind, but it just means that they have never been loved this way. Having such a woman by your side keeps you up and gives the inspiration. Moreover, it causes a wish to return twice as much love as she devotes to you.


Why do they become mail order brides?

So why don't those precious girls have crowds of lovers in their home countries? What makes Russian and Ukrainian ladies look for their destiny online? The answer is simple.

  • The population of men in Russia is less than the number of women in the country; it is a well-known fact. For Ukraine, it is the same. That is the reason brilliant and attractive women have fewer chances of getting them a handsome and successful man to be with.
  • Another reason to search for a man online is... the chance itself. Who wouldn't like to spread their field of interest and try to know a different person? It is always good to get to know somebody who has been raised in a different society, has another worldview and probably lives in a non-familiar way? Putting your and her distinctions together you two can make a truly interesting couple, and you'll never be bored together. What's more, according to the statistics, cross-cultural marriages last longer than regular, and, as you know, Russian ladies are aimed at serious relationships.
  • One more cause for seeking a husband abroad for Russian mail order brides is freedom thirst. Of course, it is not Middle Ages, and women have their rights in Eastern European countries, but, unfortunately, the social pressure and prejudice are still strong there. Family orientation, which is a great thing, can turn bad if you overdo it — and that's exactly what happens to a girl there. For instance, women are pushed to get married and have kids since they are 18 or so, and not for everybody that is acceptable. Now, when everybody has so many chances to do and try a lot of things when one can develop, work and earn, the elder generations literally force young Russian singles to start their own families, although they may not be ready for it and that age. Therefore Ukrainian and Russian brides treat the western approach to life as a way to let them enjoy their freedom.


True or false?

Although Russian brides tend to have a good reputation in the world, surprisingly, there still are a lot of things false, or, in other words, myths to be busted. Let's go deeper into this and talk through the things you have probably got wrong about Russian ladies.

They want to steal your everything. Lies. If you think that a girl who is chatting with you online is 100% fraud, just don't use the dating platforms. Yes, nobody can guarantee that every lady online is an angel, but it's not the reason to distrust. The economic situation in eastern European countries is surely worth than in America or Canada, but, believe us, local women don't treat you as a bank. If you are asked to send money online — it must be a fraud, because our platform offers certain pay services, which are honest and safe. Try to keep your communication clear and learn to trust people, but be attentive.

They will marry anybody. Not true. There is a myth that Russian women are so desperate that they are ready to stick to anybody who shows an interest in them, but it is far from the truth. Like any sane lady, a Russian woman wants a decent partner, which means she wouldn't fall for anyone. She is picky in the good sense and chooses her spouse wisely, because, as it has been mentioned before, she considers creating a family a serious business and wants the best decision.

They are not smart. There is a stereotype that Russian mail order brides aren't educated because of the living conditions or something else, and that's why they search for a foreign man to guarantee them a happy life in another country. Well, maybe that is true for some separate cases, but the majority of Russian and Ukrainian has at least one degree, and it's often even more than one. Women get their degrees to state the independence and take the chances to achieve something. They are more purposive than you may think, and it is a great trait of character.

They are perfectly obedient. If you expected to «buy» yourself a silent and submissive little wife looking through Russian dating sites, forget about it. Both Ukrainian and Russian women stand for their freedom and want rather be a partner than a servant. A wish to have strong men by their side doesn't mean any helplessness; it's a regular desire of each self-respective woman. Like anybody else, a Russian bride wants you, her future husband, to be reliable, and she is ready to offer her loyalty and care instead.

They are frivolous. Another myth to be busted. Just think: if she wasn't interested in a relationship, why would she try to look for a husband? It is a bad idea to connect some traits to nationality, so you never can say that Russians cheat. Anybody can cheat if they are a bad person, and bad doesn't require any particular descent. So, if you want a loyal girl — look for her and get rid of all stereotypes in your head.

Where can I find a Russian bride?

So, if you have finally decided that you want a Russian lady for a wife, you have to know where to look for her. Luckily, the job is done for you, and we present a line of famous and checked websites to start your relationship. Each of them has been examined and reviewed, so it is trustworthy. Check them out, see which one is the most comfortable for you and start your romantic adventure!

Victoria Hearts



One of the most popular dating platform providing the ability to pick and chat the women you like. A special trait of this source is that it las a Tinder-like app which helps you to stay in touch with the lady 24/7. A special algorithm proposes you the women you might like according to the info you gave and the choices you have made. The registration is fast and simple.




A dating site with the huge profile base. It specializes in Russian brides, but you can also find there girls from other Eastern European, Asian and even Latin American countries. The site will weekly send you the pictures of ladies you may like. You can use a lot of services starting with video-chats finishing with sending gifts. The pricing is more than reasonable, so try this out!

Anastasia Date


Not too overloaded with multimedia, but easy to use, this site still provides brilliant service for finding your Russian love. You can set different levels of search (basic or advanced) to make it more wide or particular — as you like. Every profile is verified during registration, so the anti-scam system works perfectly. The community includes over 20 million users all over the world!




This website can also boast of its database and popularity because the number of visitors per month is higher than 180 thousand, which is a lot. The special feature of RomanceTale is that it shows you newly-registered profiles, so you can watch the updates of the database and always look for someone to talk to. RomanceTale also suggests organizing a face-to-face meeting with your lady if you want to go real.

Bridge Of Love


This platform specializes in single Ukrainian girls, who are made for being good wives, perfect housekeepers, and decent life partners. The interface of the cite is easy and pleasant to use; everything is intuitive so you won't get confused. Registration doesn't take long, and you can use the site for free before ordering any services. Bridge Of Love promises to assist with your relations as much as you need, from the very first talk until the wedding.

Dream Marriage


The sites give you a choice between 4 different membership packages depending on your potential activity, so you can choose what suits you. What's more, it provides you with a three-day trial period, when you can browse the site and explore ladies' profiles. All of the messages, winks, and chats are not free, but you get the time to choose who you like most and get used to the interface.

Russian Cupid


The site, which is a part of famous Cupid media group, has been working for almost ten years up to now and therefore is trustworthy. It also helps you in any aspect of your online romance with a Russian lady, plus arranges your meeting if needed. Russian Cupid has different memberships too, so you can look through them and take the one which suits your needs. By the way, the owners of platinum membership have automatical translation service.

A Foreign Affair (Love Me)


The highest quality of the service provided got this platform a prize called Best niche website at iDate awards. Unlike the other site, it is specialized on romantic tours abroad. Everything is looked in advance for you by Love Me, so all you need to do is select a country and choose the time of your visit (it can be up to 14 days). Meeting local women, exploring the country and looking for a bride — that's what attracts men to use A Foreign Affair.

Russian Brides


This site is a part of Anastasia family but is more focused on Eastern European brides, and therefore contains more information about the local specificity of mentality, traditions, etc. Russian Brides is available in three languages, which makes it even more convenient in use. A special service it offers is Live Chat, where you text your partner, but see her at the same time. You can check the list of top 1000 ladies and pick the most beautiful for you.

Elena's Models


The platform has done it all to make your communication with a potential bride as easy as possible: the site has an app. So you can chat with your lady on-the-go, but that's not it. It has a build-in translator to reduce all possible misunderstandings and break a language barrier. The photos of women are regularly updated to actualize their profile and avoid scam.

Find Bride


Various types of membership allow you to use the site in different ways. The database provides good full profiles with photos of ladies and even their introduction videos shot especially for Find Bride website, so you can see them in motion and know their manners. The scam-protection is advanced: every lady passes a real-life interview before registration, so all of the threats of fraud are excluded.

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